Docupass API

DocuPass API simplifies user onboarding by acting as a web-based identity verification solution. This means you don't need to develop any additional applications for user verification.

Consumers seamlessly access DocuPass Web 2.0 through your desktop or mobile applications. The intuitive interface guides users through the entire verification process, including:

  • Phone verification
  • Document and face image collection
  • Document data analysis
  • Biometric verification and authentication

This all-in-one solution streamlines user onboarding and empowers you to focus on your core business while ensuring secure identity verification.

Simply create a DocuPass session for each of your users, and send them the DocuPass URL or QR code to start identity verification. Once your user completes identity verification, verification results and document information will be sent back to your server. You can also embed DocuPass into your own website or iOS and Android application to streamline the user experience.

DocuPass eSignature

DocuPass also allows you to have your user review and sign legal papers remotely, you can have your user sign an agreement with or without an identity verification process. Remotely signed paper usually has the same legal binding effect as wet signatures unless the contract must be signed in person per your local law.

We strongly discourage developers from connecting to ID Analyzer API directly from client-side applications that will be distributed to end users, such as mobile app, in-browser JavaScript, and desktop applications.