ID Verification API

ID Analyzer ID Verification API allows you to build your identity verification application by uploading images of government-issued documents. ID Verification API can analyze and perform OCR on document images to extract document information; additionally, ID Verification API can perform face verification, document authentication, image cropping, data verification, AML/PEP compliance check, and contract/agreement automation..

When implementing an identity verification solution using ID Analyzer API, the best practice is separating codes into client-side and server-side codes. You should always implement a connection from the client-side to your server, such as uploading documents to your server first, then calling ID Verification APIs from your server.

We strongly discourage developers from connecting to ID Analyzer API directly from client-side applications that will be distributed to end-users, such as mobile apps, in-browser JavaScript, and desktop applications. If you are only using ID Verification API for simple OCR tasks on the client-side and prefer the performance boost of a direct connection to ID Verification API, please use a restricted API key so that users cannot access your Vault.