The ID Analyzer AML (Anti-Money Laundering) API is a service that allows businesses to perform AML checks on individuals or entities as part of their compliance and risk management processes. This API is designed to help organizations comply with AML regulations by screening individuals and entities against various watchlists, sanctions lists, and databases of politically exposed persons (PEPs) to identify potential risks associated with money laundering or terrorist financing activities. Here's an overview of the ID Analyzer AML API:

AML Screening: The API screens individuals or entities against a comprehensive set of global AML databases, including sanctions lists (such as OFAC, UN, EU), watchlists, and lists of PEPs. This helps businesses identify any potential associations with illicit activities.

Real-Time Checks: The AML API performs real-time checks, ensuring that the screening results are up-to-date and relevant. This is crucial for timely decision-making and risk mitigation.

Customizable Screening: Businesses can customize the screening parameters to focus on specific lists or types of risks, depending on their regulatory requirements and risk appetite.

Risk Scoring: The API provides a risk score for each individual or entity screened, based on the matches found in the AML databases. This helps businesses prioritize their risk management efforts.

Detailed Reports: In case of a match, the API provides detailed reports with information about the matched entry, such as the reason for listing, the source of the data, and the relevant list or database.

Integration: The ID Analyzer AML API can be integrated into existing systems and workflows, allowing businesses to automate their AML screening processes as part of customer onboarding, transaction monitoring, or ongoing due diligence.

Compliance and Audit Trail: The API helps businesses maintain compliance with AML regulations by providing an audit trail of all screenings performed, which can be used for regulatory reporting and audits.

Global Coverage: The AML API covers a wide range of jurisdictions and regions, making it suitable for businesses operating internationally.

Overall, the ID Analyzer AML API is a powerful tool for businesses to conduct AML screenings efficiently and effectively, helping them identify and mitigate risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing activities, while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Data Source

ID Analyzer AML Database holds a consolidated list of entities from the following sources:

Sanctionau_dfatAustraliaDepart of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Sanctionca_dfatdCanadaDepartment of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
Sanctionch_secoSwitzerlandState Secretariat for Economic Affairs
Sanctioneu_fsfEuropean UnionConsolidated list of sanctions
Sanctionfr_tresorFranceDirection générale du Trésor
Sanctiongb_hmtUnited KingdomConsolidated list of sanctions
Sanctionua_sfmsUkraineState Financial Monitoring Service
Sanctionun_scUnited NationsSecurity Council
Sanctionus_ofacUnited StatesOffice of Foreign Assets Control
PEPglobal_politicians-ID Analyzer Global Politician List
PEPeu_cor-European Committee of the Regions
PEPeu_meps-Members of the European Parliament
Crimeinterpol_red-Interpol Red Notices