Core API

ID Analyzer Core API

Web API for ID scanning, verification and authentication. Create your own OCR data extraction or identity verification application with Core API.

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ID Analyzer Vault API

Vault API allows you to manage documents and images stored in vault, perform face searches and filter documents by keywords.

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DocuPass API

DocuPass Live Mobile

Scan and verify user documents and faces from live camera feed with without downloading any app.

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DocuPass Mobile

Verify your users by scanning a QR Code, users complete identity verification on their phone using our intuitive mobile webpage.

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DocuPass Iframe

Embed an identity verification page into your website and onboard your users without leaving your website.

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DocuPass Redirect

Redirect your users to our verification webpage for onboarding, once they pass identity verification they will be redirected back to your website.

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API Zones

ID Analyzer is currently divided into two zones:

  • US - Data center in Oregon and California
  • EU - Data center in Frankfurt, Germany

For laws and regulations compliance (such as GDPR), all personal data are processed and stored (only if vault is enabled) within each zone, and will not be transferred across data center borders. For example, when saving a document to the vault using EU API endpoint, the identity data cannot be accessed from US API endpoint. The same rule applies for every API including Core API, DocuPass, Vault and your Web Portal where you can change your zone from the top menu.

Product Comparison

ID Analyzer provides several different identity verification products, you need to acquire basic knowledge of each product in order to choose the best solution for your application. We have created a comparison table to help you choose the right solutions:

Features/Product Core API DocuPass
Website Integration Supported Supported
Mobile Integration Supported Supported
Desktop Integration Supported N/A
Web Front-end Coding Requirements Must design and code following webpages using HTML/JS/CSS:
  • Instruction webpage to guide user through verification process
  • Image upload form where end-user upload their ID photo/selfie
  • Verification success and failed webpages
Minimal front-end coding, just display a button.
Mobile Coding Requirements Must design and code several screens:
  • Instruction screens to guide user through verification process
  • Camera capture screen to take ID/selfie photo using device camera
  • Upload captured images to your server
  • Process verification result
  • Display results to end user
No screen design required, simply get DocuPass URL from your server and display it in a WebView
Server-side Coding Requirements Must code the following:
  • Process user image uploads from mobile or webpage
  • Forward user images to Core API along with any custom parameters
  • Process and store results returned by Core API into your database
  • Return processed results to client
Must code the following:
  • Create a verification URL for each user
  • Callback script to process and store verification results into your database
Custom Onboarding Process Yes, highly flexible and customizable No, little flexibility
Deploy Your Own UI/UX Yes No, pre-designed UI.
OCR Data Extraction Yes Yes
Biometric Verification Yes Yes
Document Authentication Yes Yes
Cloud Vault Storage Yes Yes
API Quota Consumption 1 to 2 units per verification 2 to 4 units per verification

Additional Technical Assistance

Feel free to contact us and share your project requirements, our solutions engineer will find the best solutions suited for your project. Some of our yearly subscription plans comes with free integration, meaning we will assign a dedicated developer from our team to integrate our solutions into your product.